Two Guys 'Sing' Frozen Anthem PERFECTLY In Hilarious Lipsync Video!

Two Guys 'Sing' Frozen PERFECTLY for #FakeSomeNoise


If you thought you knew the 'Frozen' soundtrack inside out then check out these guys latest cover of 'For The First Time In Forever' as part of Global's Fake Some Noise to Make Some Noise campaign. This amazing lip-sync video will fool you into thinking these guys are pitch perfect!

We all believe we are rockstars when miming along in the shower to our favourite tune!

So why not get involved and make your very own lip-sync video to your favourite pop song to help raise awareness for Global's new charity, Make Some Noise, which is dedicated to helping change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people around the UK.

Once you've made your video then nominate three others to do the same!

Don't forget you can donate to our charity Global's Make Some Noise right here!