Make Some Noise: Peter's Story

Toby Anstis at kids company

Haringey Shed provides performing arts workshops and experiences for young people aged between 7 and 16 from Tottenham and Haringey. Global’s Make Some Noise will help them run a performing arts and adventure holiday project for 18 young people, some with disabilities and special needs, and all from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Peter is one of the children who have been helped by Haringey Shed. He is fostered by a single foster mum, Angela. He has had a traumatic history with his birth family, which has had an enormous impact on his life.He has been excluded from 2 schools. 

As a result of this he is currently home educated and spends much of the day without coming into contact with other children. Peter behaves extremely well at Haringey Shed and mum credits this to the informal environment and that he loves the performing arts. 

Peter recently took a leading role in the Haringey Shed Musical Production. As well as providing positive activities for Peter, the afterschool and holiday activities provide a valuable break for mum Angela and gives Peter interaction with other children and positive role models.

Peter has recently been accepted into a new school and his Mum has said that Haringey Shed has been a huge contributor towards this move.