Text to Donate to the Have a Heart Appeal

The simplest way to donate to the Have a Heart Appeal is by text.


Simply text HEART to 70100 to give £5 to the Have a Heart Appeal supporting Children's Hospices UK.

A minimum of £4.45 will go straight to Have a Heart.


Text HEART to 70100 to give £5

When you text to donate you will receive a message back with a link to a Gift Aid site - please take a couple of minutes to fill in your details, as this means your donation will be worth even more to Have a Heart and Children's Hospices UK.

Text to donate terms & conditions

This service is charged at £5 plus your standard text message rate for each message.

Donations go to Have a Heart - registered charity number 1091657 in England & Wales and SC041475 in Scotland.

Service run by WIN plc on behalf of Global Radio.

If you experience any problems with your text message please call 020 7054 8131.

The amount Have a Heart receives depends upon the mobile network the donation is made through. The donation amounts by network are:

  • 3 Network: £4.71
  • O2 Network: £5.00
  • Orange Network: £4.50
  • T-Mobile Network: £4.50
  • Virgin Network: £4.45
  • Vodafone Network: £5.00