Heart Listener Class of 2011

The summer holidays are coming to end and that means 'Back to School' for the children

But this year we want you to go 'Back to School' too. We want you to be part of the Heart Listener Class of 2011.

We want to see your old school photos and build up a photo album of the best class ever! Toby and Nick will be your prefects & promise to share their school photos too.

How to be in the Heart Listener Class

  1. Email us your school photo using the link below
  2. Let us know a bit about your school days. Include the following details
  3. We will put you in the draw to win 101 Disco Anthems

101 Disco Anthems:
This 5 CD box-set includes loads of tracks you will have danced to at your school discos including tracks from Kylie, Chaka Khan, The Jacksons, Chic and Prince. Entries close on Friday September 11th. Terms and conditions here

PS: The picture above is Lady Gaga during our school days!

Terms and conditions here