Mother's Day dedications

Mum's been there for you, mopped away the tears, cooked your dinner, washed your clothes, been there for you when you're sick... in fact the list is endless.

Mother's Day is your turn to tell her how much you appreciate her.

Simply fill in the form below with your message.

Heart Ratings Lyn Rogers   
I could write many things about why she is special but we will be here all day. I didn't get anything for her for mothers day so I think this is a way to make up for it. I don't say it often enough but Thank you for being there every second of the day and through everything that I've been through. I love you lots. From your number one Daughter <3
Heart Ratings Sam Stone   
She has fed, clothed, housed and (most importantly) loved me for the past 17 years. There's nothing I can do or say that can fully express my appreciation for you mum. Happy Mother's Day! :)
Heart Ratings Lorraine Digby   
Because she is so amazing and has been so strong over the past few months!
Rebecca and Amy
Heart Ratings Iris Evans   
She's in her 80's, got varies disabilities, but just keeps going; as much as her body will let her!  She's not one to give up!
Heart Ratings Tamar Cavie   
She is the best mum ever! She is so supportive to me, my brother,Henry, and my sister,Ellie. Love you mum. Thank you for always being there!!!!
Love From Emily Button xxx
Heart Ratings Jane Watson   
She is always there for me, and she really is the best! I love her so much, there is no one better than Mum. I don't know what I'd do without her. Happy Mothers day Mum! I hope you have a special day for a special person xx
Heart Ratings Jacky Fuller   
She is an inspiration, so special and loved so much
Heart Ratings Pat   
She cooks, cleans and is my mum   
Heart Ratings Angela   
'cause she's the one! she's always there when i need...SHE IS!! Emma, happy mother day to you too!can u please air Viva Forever?? love ya!
Heart Ratings Diane   
I love my mum becasue she is always there for me, she has always been there to wipe away my tears, cheer me up when i am sad, celebrate my sucess, she makes me feel special and she is one in a million and my life wouldn't be the same without her! i love you mum soo much would never want to be without her.!
Lots of love Lisa xx   
Heart Ratings Karen Searle   
You are just amazing
Heart Ratings Deb
She supported me every day I was in hospital for 5 months and made me strong enough to over come my illness and make a full recovery. Now I just want show her everyday how much I love her, and how much she means to me, especially today
Heart Ratings Maddie Zgraja
Thank you for looking after me and staying with me all the time in hospital. All my Love & Kisses &Hugs Keira x   
Heart Ratings Michelle Tyler  
Mum, you've always been there for me through thick and thin but i just want to say thank you for everything you've done for me!!! xxx
Heart Ratings Minka   
You have always been there for me and your the most amazing mum in the world i love you lots and lots!!
Heart Ratings Catherine Papworth   
She is not only the best mum in the world - she is my best friend who I turn to when times get tough. Our love and friendship is something I will always cherish.
Love you so much, Zoe xx
Heart Ratings Betty Wynne   
She is so special because she has given me so much
Heart Ratings Alison Bennett   
She always puts up with our arguing and we love her so much xx
Kathryn and Heather
Heart Ratings Carole   
Because she is always there for me even when i am really cranky   
Heart Ratings Carole Toms   
She is the best mum ever
Heart Ratings Deb   
She supported me every day I was in hospital for 5 months and made me strong enough to over come my illness and make a full recovery. Now I just want show her everyday how much I love her, and how much she means to me, especially today   
Heart Ratings Katrina Ray   
She is special to me and my little brother William because she looks after us and most importantly she loves us.
Heart Ratings Carol   
Because she always takes me places and cooks me lovely food
Christopher and Lauren
Heart Ratings Natalie Hodgson   
My mum is really special because she has always been there for me and is always thoughtful. She is very grateful and I love her so much!
Heart Ratings Lucy Catchpole   
Happy mothers day, we love you lots! Love Ami and Alice xxxxxxxxxxx
Heart Ratings Joanne Jones   
My mum is one in a million she is always there for any of our needs and with five of us theres always something Good Luck with the operations tomorrow love u always and forever
Heart Ratings Yvette Houlton   
Because she is always there for all of us, with endless support and encouragment.  shes not only our mom but our best friend too. we can not find words to show how much we appreciate her and love her. shes an absoulte star and were so thankful shes our mom. love you up to the celing, down to the floor, around the world and so much more. love from your daughters...Rebecca, Aimee and Emily. also your special boys Pippin and Tobyl boys   
Heart Ratings Audrey Grant  
My mum is very loving caring supportive and allways their to pic all of us up when were down shes a brilliant mum and nana just like to say we love you and thanks for allways being their
Heart Ratings Sue
she has pretty eyes that always watch out for me she has a big heart thats always loving me and also you have feet that you should put up right now.I love you mummy
Heart Ratings Yvette Houlton
she is the best mom in the world because she always puts us 1st, shes always been there to support and encourage us through everything we do. shes had a few health problems..but never complains and always has a smile on her face. she deserves to have the best mothers day ever, we are so gratful to her for everything. words cant ever describe how much we love her and appreciate her. she truly is the best mom ever. we love you. your forever grateful and loving daughters Rebecca, Aimee and Emily x x  and your 2 naughty little boys Pippin and Toby x x   
Heart Ratings Sara   
Because she does everything for us and never puts herself before us
Heart Ratings Claire Bailie   
Your an amazing mum and I love you loads. Thankyou for helping me through the last year. I hope you liked your presents. To me your the best mum in the world!
Love you loads!! Leah xxxxxxxxxxx
Heart Ratings Natalie Mettam   
Because she understands and she is always willing to give up her time for me! She makes me smile in the morning and she is allways smiling no matter what she is up against!  Also because she is my mum!!!! :) Love You Mum   
Heart Ratings Clare People   
Because she is always there for me and my whole family
Heart Ratings Gosha   
She's one in a million,she's amazing and I love her so much
Heart Ratings Emma Summers   
She's the best mum ever, shes always there for me and my brother and we love her lots and lots like jelly tots round the world and back again :) shes always there for us and anyone that needs her shes just AMAZING and i dont no what we would do without her <3<3 love you loads mum HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !
Jasmine Summers   
Heart Ratings Sarah Jupp   
My mum is so special because she does everything for us, and we may not show appreciation, but we secretly do! Were so glad that we have you as our mum and were so thankful for everything you do for us xx
Lots of Love Tara And Alex xxxx
Heart Ratings Amy Bodsworth   
She has always been there for me and my brothers and sister.
Heart Ratings Molly   
She is the best mum in the whole world and I love her to bits xxx MWAH xx
Heart Ratings Andrea Owen   
My mum is so special because she has done so much for me and my brother and sister, especially in the last few months, she has been though so much! We want you to know that we appreciate it and love you very much!
Love you mum! From Adam, Beth and Niamh xxx
Heart Ratings Cheryl McKenna   
She is a wonderful mum who is so caring and thoughtful, she has gone through a lot the past few years and i am proud to call her my mum. I love her so much more than words could ever say. The best mum i could ever wish for! Love you xxxxxxx 
Heart Ratings Chris Fish   
I love my mum loads, shes the best mum ever! Shes always there to pick up the pieces and always there for me, i love you mummy :D xx
Heart Ratings Jenni
Because she is just amazing at everything! Love ya mum!
Heart Ratings Maria Timbrell   
She has been through alot and has stood soild for me and her family! she never thinks about herself and always thinks about others, but this is for you mummy
Loveyou lots from megan xx                                               
Heart Ratings Jacqueline Trumper   
My mum is amazing will do and help all of us in whatever way she can also we never appreachate this and would just like to say thank you for everything you have done for us :) xxx love you lots
Heart Ratings Alice Taylor   
At 89 this year she still knows how to live it up and party,well done ma xx
Heart Ratings Kath Smith   
Mom loving and so special to all of her daugthersxxx
Heart Ratings Chris Mullins   
Because she has been there to help with my son who is special needs. she's helped me so much thank you mum I love you so much xxx
Heart Ratings Linda Sykes   
Multi talented and caring
Heart Ratings Gloria Witherington
Putting up with me over the past forty years.
Heart Ratings Betty Williams   
My mother dies 10yrs ago, it would hve been her birthday on the 28th march, you are always in my mind mum, miss you  so much, mothers day thoughts for you .love you always, you are the best xxx
Heart Ratings Sonya Smee   
Because she always thinks of others before herself. She is so loving, caring and thoughtful and deserves all the happiness in the world! I am so lucky to have such a fantastic mum!
Heart Ratings Kim   
My mum is so special because she has been through so much and she helps everyone even when she is feeling down.
Heart Ratings Mavis Waldron   
Just because she's special, just because you're you, You make people happy, with all you say & do!!   Love you mum xxx
Heart Ratings Janet Poller
Because she will do anything for anyone and give you her last penny if u needed it. And because she is MY mom. Also when i eventually become a mom i want to be exactly like my mom love ya from sarah xx( and from claire, matthew and leanne and zaaky and toby) who love her with all their little hearts xxxxxx   
Heart Ratings Jean Marrington   
You are simply the best.  You are always there, helping and caring for us and your grand-daughters couldn't ask for a better nan.  We all love you, Have a very happy mothers day.
Love from Helen, Charlotte, Lauren and Amy xxxxx
Heart Ratings Michel Riley   
She is the best mum in the world, she cares so much for everyone else, i think she deserves a special mothersday.
Heart Ratings Heather Morfee   
You've always been there for me through thick and thin i couldnt ask for a better mum ..Love you so much.
Heart Ratings Sally Field   
Because she is caring and i even though we fight she still loves me.
Emma Louise
Heart Ratings Jo Pugh
I loved her and miss her.  My mum die 30 years ago this year, but not a day passes when I don't wish she was still here.  She was the BEST.  Love you Mum x
Heart Ratings Julie Dean
She has been there through everything for me, my life hasn't been easy but she never fails to put a smile on my face, she is my everything.. I wouldnt change my mum for the world. I love you mum with all of my heart forever and always xx
Heart Ratings Jessica Diane
You're wonderfully amazing, beautiful, tactile and a saint handling the hormones and tendencies of three teenage girls! You're the best mom anybody could possibly wish for, and we're glad your ours! Have a lovely day mom <3
Lots of love, Charlotte, Jessica and Sophie xxxx   
Heart Ratings Sally Palmer   
Mummy i love you and have a wonderful day, you are the greatest. Love Cerys age 4
Heart Ratings Glenda Brown
hi mummy, just a little hi to let you know how special you are to me, and thank you for everything that you have done for me. Im only 5 years old, but i KNOW that you are the best mom in the whole wide world, even if you make me do the dishes. love you, mummy. happy mothers day!
Heart Ratings Joan
She's no longer with me but never a days goes by without me thinking about her.  She was not only my mum but my best friend and I miss not being able to chat to her about everything and anything.  Gone but never forgotten.  Love you Mum. Hope you are looking down on me and proud of me as I ws so proud to call you my mum. xxx~
Heart Ratings Kath Smith
mom loving and so special to all of her daugthersxxx
Heart Ratings Iris
Because she is. you only get one mum xxxxx
Heart Ratings Bev     
Because she is considerate, loving, and caring. We all love her even though we dont show it all the time.
From Tobi 
Heart Ratings Erika Rowe       
My mummy is special because she looks after me and my sisters and takes us to nursery when daddy is away at sea.
Jay Madi And Ella
Heart Ratings Alison Trumpess
She truly has a heart of gold and is the kindest person i've ever known. Happy mothers day mum, you really are one in a million. X
Heart Ratings Rachel Chandler           
Your the best Happy Mothers Day Mum.
From Emma
Heart Ratings Sue Light
Because she does everything for us.
Heart Ratings Alison Riley
As she is there for us no matter what we do and she has been through a hard year and we want her to know how much she means to us we love u mum.
Love from martin steven and louise
Heart Ratings Julie Clark
Because she looks after me and i love her so much!
Heart Ratings Julie Simms     
Because she really is a special mum and she has been there for me when i've needed her and because she has been an excellent mum me and my sister are excellent parents to our toddlers, i love you so much mum more then words can ever say xxxxxxxxxx      
Heart Ratings Julie Fry
She looks after me.
Heart Ratings Sally Richardson           
She's a great mum, and she's always there when I need her.                                                        
Heart Ratings Clare People     
She's a wonderful mum
Heart Ratings Julie McCarron  
She is so kind and will do anything for her children. She drives everyone everywhere and is so organised. Also our dad (her loving husband) will be working on Mothers day so i think she deserves a treat.     
Milly And Max
Heart Ratings Julia Harding     
Just wanted to say, Mum is the most amazing person ever, and I'm very lucky to be your moody teenager :) love you Mother! xxxxxx
Heart Ratings Tracey Heath    
Because she is amazing
Heart Ratings Debbie bird       
She is the best mum ever
Heart Ratings Manju Jones     
Because she puts us first.
Heart Ratings Tina     
She has been though such a tough year battling cancer and she got the all clear last week! She has been amazing! Even when she was going though chemo she would still do anything for me. I love her so much. Emma
Heart Ratings Sue     
Gone But never forgotten' she taught me well & I miss her so much x
Heart Ratings Jayne Walters  
My mom is the best mom in the world to her 3 daughters Julie, Clare and Karen. This year has been a extremely tough with her, she lost her own mom to a brain tumour, she was there everyday after work holding her hand till the day she died, her father has been in and out of hospital and she lost her brother to alcohol. At the minute she is nursing my dad back to health as he has had a 2nd hip replacement. Despite all of this she always puts us before herself and is always there to look after her grandchild. She never stops to relax, she always on the go and i know this would truely make her day to know that we love her so much and really appreciate everything she does for us. This mothers day will be hard without her own mom so please play her a message to cheer her up. Mom you are one in a million and we would be lost without u. Thank you
Heart Ratings Carol Davies     
Always there for me no matter what!!
Heart Ratings Vivienne Batchelor        
She's had a tough year, Great Mum, and Nanny.
Heart Ratings Karen Smith
She is the best mum in the world, and does her hardest to make her daughters happy and she does the best job! Couldn't asked for a better mum, shes perfect in every way, and she deserves something special just like her!
Heart Ratings Enid    
Brought 7 children up and done a fantastic job. Best mum in the world.
Heart Ratings Bernie
She is my world.
Heart Ratings Phillipa Banks
She does everything and more for our family!
Heart Ratings Claire Louise Major
Hi mum, I really hope you like this and it embarrasses you, happy mother's day! love you lots xx
Taylor Louise
Heart Ratings Cheryl Kathryene Atkin
She is like my best mate, worries about me, cares for me and is alway there no matter what happens.
Tarah Chelsey
Heart Ratings Jackie Coleshill
One in a million
Heart Ratings Helen
She gives us faith in everything we do and is the best mum ever!
Solomon And Harriet
Heart Ratings Jane Smith
Cause I care a lot about my mum & she does a good job of loking after me. A Love song to played for my mum!
Heart Ratings Sam Williams
Because she is always soldiering on no matter how hard life is.
Heart Ratings Joanne
Because she does everything for me and she my mum and I LOVE her!
Heart Ratings Jackie Macken
Because she is fablus take are of me when im will we have a name for her
Heart Ratings Alexandra Gardner
Happy Mothers day , i would just like to say on this very special day a big thank you to you for always being there for all your 4 children .Loving us no matter what and helping us through the bad and good .Thankyou for being our mother and I love you so so much . thank you !!
Heart Ratings Maxine Craske
As she is the allways there for the family and does everything for us all, she not just my mum but a bestfriend.
Heart Ratings Tina
She's been through a lot the last few years but no matter what life throws at her she's always there for me and my sister when we need her. she's my hero.
Heart Ratings Kerry Munn
she works so hard but is always careing for me and my brothers
Heart Ratings Louise Coe
She's amazing and beautiful, and I want her to know I do appreciate her and all the things she does. I want to dedicate Adele-Someone like you
Heart Ratings Sue Thomas
my mumma is special because shes just great at being a mum, i dont get to see her as much now as im always at my boyfriends, but i miss her and just want to say i really appreciate what you do for me x
Heart Ratings Anna Webb
Because she is the only person in the whole world I can call My Mummy!
Heart Ratings Pam Elston
Because she is the Mother of me
Heart Ratings Chrissy McDade
Words cannot describe how wonderfull she is, we are  very grateful for all the love and support she has given us.
Heart Ratings Jenny Chapman
She is always there for my and my daughter never says no if i need her always thinking of us and shes just amazing and needs to be told how much we do love her and are grateful for all she does.
Heart Ratings Sandra Pepperman
She always puts her children and grandchildren first without a second thought.  Mum you're amazing and I love you so much.  Couldnt be without you, you are my rock.
Heart Ratings Ali Hill
She the bestest mum ever she always their for use
Heart Ratings Jill Bennett
Because she always looks out for us all and treats us as her own !!!
Heart Ratings Maria
Because she is always there for me through thick and thin and she always has been, i love her
Heart Ratings Debbie Gillard
Shes is the most amazing mum ever! shes always there for us & trys her best always! Truely amazing!
Heart Ratings Carol
To my special mom you have been there for us and love us so much. Love you from Matt and Claire xx
Heart Ratings Val Lockwood
She is so thoughtful and caring, she's been very poorly in hospital, now she's home a true fighter and still worries endlessly about her 2 daughters. Happy Mothers Day Mom, Lots of Love
Heart Ratings Grace King
She's a wonderful mum and aways there when I need her.
Heart Ratings Karen Duglan
She is a great Mum as she puts up with my sister and I and out bickering, she always wants the best for us, she does everything for us so when we have come in from work placements everything is done and dinner is always ready, we dont always show how much we appreciate you but we do. :) Happy Mothers day Mum :D xx
Heart Ratings Kim Whiter
she is the best mum any one can have but sadly she is working mothers day :'(
Heart Ratings Andrea
My Mum has helped her charity get through very tough times this year and she is a good manager. Mum does a lot of things for everyone around and hardly ever puts here feet up; but perhaps that's also because she likes to keep busy hehe! Thanks Mum x
Heart Ratings Eugenie
Because she is what mothers should be , a heart full f gold, love, respect and so much care and mercy for her children.
Heart Ratings Pauline Rivett
My Mum is the best Mum in the whole wide world to her 4 grown up Children Andrew, Jayne, Martin & myself, my Mum is alway's here to help us with our problems, I've had type 1 Diabetes since I was 6 years old and my Mum has been great, we just want to say to our Mum thank you for being the best Mum in the world.xxxxxx
Louise Marie
Heart Ratings Tracey Crudgington
Even tough we may leave do the diswasher as much as we should and we may leave clothes on the floor we love you soooo much mummy xx you deserve the best day ever you are the best and dont forget it !! xx
Heart Ratings Jackie
because she is my mummy :)
Heart Ratings Paula
Shes Really special because we have been through a lot in the last few years but we have come out stronger in the end. Shes the most important person in the world to me and i love her Lots! x
Heart Ratings Debbie Wimshurst
She is the best mum in the whole world, she is always there for me and I love her lots and lots :) xxxxx
Heart Ratings Sally Clarke
Thanks you for all you help love and support.
Heart Ratings Jody Smith
my mummy is special to me because she has been there since the day i was born and she has help me through my ups and downs thats why my mum is special to me x
Heart Ratings Sheena
she is the bestest mum anyone could wish for she is always there for me but i am going on a school trip to ghana and will miss mother's day I LOVE YOU!! Xxxxxxx
Heart Ratings Helen Cresswell
She always helps me, and recently i had major back surgery and she stayed with me the entire time, she never left me, the only time she did was when my oldest sister came in to visit and even then she only left to have a shower and only ended up being gone for 5-10 minutes each time, shes so good to me and my siblings, she works SO much just for us (us being me and my siblings) theres no word to describe her or how much we appreciate her, so mum, I love you xxxxx
Heart Ratings Hayley Hewitt
Always their
Heart Ratings Elizabeth Barrow
She loves us soo much and when we are ill she will stay up all night if required and never leave our side. She still did all that and fought Angle Closure Glaucoma. She is the best mummy in the world.
Heart Ratings Yvonne
She is always there to hold your hand, wipe away a tear or to just listen - we love you so much mum lots of love from your 5 little children - Jordan, bethany, Phoebe, Molly and 5 month old sam.
Heart Ratings Christine
You are the best mummy ever! we have our ups and downs but i love you for doing so much for me! truly amazing! sorry for being such a nightmare daughter! :p
Heart Ratings Yvonne
She is always there to hold your hand, wipe away a tear or to just listen - we love you so much mum lots of love from your 5 little children - Jordan, bethany, Phoebe, Molly and 5 month old sam
Heart Ratings Christine
You are the best mummy ever! we have our ups and downs but i love you for doing so much for me! truly amazing! sorry for being such a nightmare daughter! :p
Heart Ratings Avril Leach
She's A Mum In A Million
Heart Ratings Pilar Gumucio
My mum is special because she is always there for me and does her best to make me happy.
Heart Ratings Lisa
She's the best mum ever.x we love her soo much, shes always there for us through thick and thin , we love u mum.x
Heart Ratings Kerry
Because She Not Only The Worlds Greastest Mummy She Is My Best Friend Love You So Much Mum X
Heart Ratings Glen Eggleton
Because she's wonderful
Heart Ratings Amanda
Because she stated 9 days with our little brother Owen after he had a really big operation in London's Great Ormand Street Hospital  also she has aranged a paintball party for my 13th birthday giving up her mothers day for us . Your one in a million mum we love you to bits.
Heart Ratings Nicola Mason
Best mummy in the wholewide world love u millions from brandon & daddy. xxxxxx
Heart Ratings Melissa Rockenbach
Because she looks after us even when she is ill. She is the best Mum in the world. We LOVE her lots and lots xxxxxx
Heart Ratings Sharon Cockley
She is special because she has been there for me through thick and thin. She is more than a mum to me, she is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her, No matter how old I am, I will always need my mum and she is definitely going to be there when I have my first child. Just want to say mum i love you and thank you for being the best mum ever x
Heart Ratings Kerri
Hope you have a lovely mother's day, you mean so much to us, thank you for being there when times are hard you one in a million, love you lots Loren, Lewis, Madison and McKenzie xxx
Heart Ratings Kerry Mann
My Mum Is So Special To Me Because She Has Been Their For Me When Ive Needed Her<3Not Only That She Not Just My Mummy She Is My BestFriend And I Love Her So Very Much Big Hugs And Kisses,
Love Kayleigh x X x
Heart Ratings Sarah Allen
I couldn't of asked for a better mum she's always there for me and shes the best mummy ever and i love her loads and loads.
Heart Ratings Caroline Dalsania
because she cooks my dinner
Heart Ratings Dionne
Because she works so hard and yet still finds time to be the most loving and caring person in the world.
Alya And Devon
Heart Ratings Louise Richards-Jones
my mum is amazing she is not only a mother to me and my sisters and brother but also a best friend, we have a laughs and share tears. Love you mum. love you lots like jelly tots. Amy,Dani, Megan and Jake xx
Heart Ratings Amanda Deadman
She's always supported us and always been there for her 7 children. From Mollie, Noah, Daisy and Kira
Heart Ratings chris williams Abergele
If I searched the world I couldn t find a better Mum.....after losing my sister to cancer and going through cancer herself she is always there for me through anything....she is my friend and a mum in a million!!!!! And I want to say a great big thank you for all she does and lots of Love always Anwen, Kevin, Ellis, Finlay and Isaac xxxxxxxx
Heart Ratings Karen Kennison
She is the best mum! She works and looks after the family. She is alywas there for me and everyone, whether it be friends or family. She always gives great advice and she always makes sure that others are okay. My Mum is the BEST Mum, and i love her for it! :). Happy Mother's Day Mum <3 xxxx
Heart Ratings Bev
You have always been there for me and I love you so much! You've done so much for me in the past and I am very greatful! Hope you have a good day Sunday love you!

A special mother's day message to all mums around the world from Mr Michael Buble....

Brought 7 childrem up and done a fantastic job. best mum in the world.