Prince Charles And Camilla Caption Competition!

We asked you to send in your captions to a photo of Prince Charles and Camilla and you rose to the challenge. Read some of our favourites here...

Their royal highness's the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall took a special visit to the legendary platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Rail Station.

The royal couple helped celebrate 150 years of London Underground and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

We felt the photo opportunity was too good to miss out on and asked you to send in your funniest captions.

We've been laughing all day! So here they are...

Read our favourite captions:

Ian Flumpy Walker:  Oh I shouldn't have left that in quick drying cement... Darn it!

Rachel Marie Roberts: Come on Camilla, let's see if we can go Hogwarts...

Laura Gammon: This is a serious misuse of Muggle artifacts

Linda Slater: You'll have to run faster than that dear!

Kevin Jones: Sorry dear I don't have a pound for the trolley, we will have to get a basket each.

Pat Ollenbuttel: I told Harry not to leave his luggage behind.

ChrisDani Jackman: Camilla, grab hold of this and hold on tight...

Lorna Ma: Oh how I do miss the school days at Hogwarts.

Gayle Taylor: One does prefer online shopping!

Debbie Ford: I just wish that Hogwarts was one of Mummy's castles!!!

Wayne Oakes: How come we always end up with the trolley with the wonky wheel!!!

Julie Tubby: Jump on that love - I'll push You - Wheeeee!

Jimbo Manser: Cor blimey those brick layers are quick, I only left it for half an hour!

Kelly Greenwood: Charles "If I pull this really hard and it comes out, I'll become king" ...Camilla "That's The Sword In The Stone you're thinking of darling"

Keith Bishop: I thought we were visiting prince Harry... Not Harry potter!!!

Lorraine Fox: Oh Camilla, we really must get you some L Plates.

Georgina Aitken: One just doesn't realise one's own strength.

Danielle Kempster: I wonder if there is an invisibility cloak in there? One is not liking all this press attention...

Steve Cowell: I said 'Get the Rolls!'

Samantha Bailey: Harry's gone AWOL.

Andy Shackleton: We can't go back now darling, the budgie is already there!

Dania Tardelli-Thompson: Ok, so where's Harry then..?

Ela Smartie: I cannot see all my possessions going in there...

Angela White: Come on Camilla, let's disappear!

Lorraine Kay: Come on Charles they need a new Defense Of The Dark Arts Teacher. It'll only be for a year they never last.

Alison Gittins: Your carriage awaits Mi' Lady.

Jolene Law: Don't be silly Charles your a Muggle, you simply cannot go to Hogwarts.

Emma Jarrett: Do you think Kate has thought about one of these for the baby? It's quite a multi-functional option.

Sarah Burd: Hold on tight Camilla, it's going to be a bumpy ride!!!