Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there! Today marks the 10th International 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'

The idea was created in a moment of temporary insanity by John Baur and Mark Summers and has generated lots of corny jokes, silly word-play and pirate parties all around the world.

Want to talk like a pirate in a meeting today? Use this fantastic translator to come up with the script.

You can also find out your pirate name here

Here are our ten favourite pirate jokes...

10: Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they can spend years at C

9. A pirate walks into a bar wearing a paper towel and orders some rum. The barman asks, "Why are you wearing a paper towel on your head?"
"Arrrrr..." says the pirate. "I've got a bounty on me head!"

8. How did the pirate stop smoking?
He used the patch

7. Why are pirates called pirates?
They just aRRRRRRRR

6. What is a pirate's favourite TV show?
Eeeee Aaarrrh!

5. What's a pirate's favorite food?

4. What are the only notes a pirate can sing?
High C's

3. What shivers at the bottom of the sea?
A nervous wreck

2. What is a pirate's favorite animal?
An Arrrrdvarrk

1. What's a pirate's favourite fish dish?
Pieces of skate!!!