Blast from the past

Well, you know me, always try to give you a bit of a laugh in the blog from time to time. Think today's should have you suitably amused!

Toby AnstisAfter Robbie announced he was getting back with Take That, I thought i'd dig out a couple of old photos from back in the day, when I'd just started TV presenting a music show called The O Zone. Most weeks we hooked up with the Take That boys as everyone wanted to see them on the telly.

In fact, every time they were on we got an extra million viewers, they were that big! I got to know them pretty well as we filmed with them all over the world. And ended up doing photo shoots with them for various mags like Smash Hits, and Fast Forward, remember that!

Being a twin like Jason, FF asked if we'd do a front cover for them. Couldn't say no.....and so.....I give you the Anstis twins, and the Orange twins. Look and laugh........!!