If you can't beat 'em...


Hope you had a really good Easter break!  Maybe you're still on it. We're just back from our little sunshine break to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. What a fabulous place. Have actually been to Egypt once before. Went to Cairo with my Aunt years ago, but only for a brief visit.

Saw the pyramids, The Sphynx, etc and nearly lost my older brother David in the desert after the camel he was on bolted off into the sunset. Took a couple of panicking and very speedy tour guides to get him back. I found the whole episode highly amusing. Surpisingly enough he didn't. ( would say he had the "hump", but that would be too cheesy!)

Anyway, wonderful last few days in Sharm. Got hotter as the week went on. Not that you'll want to hear this after the weather here in the UK last week, but it started at 28 degrees, and  was at 36 by the time we left! Scorching!And not a cloud in the sky the whole time. Amazing. If you're a friend of mine on Facebook check out the photos.

Cracking hospitality out there, delicious food and everything.

But just one thing that bugged us a bit...amused us and in the end...I even got sucked into it. By 8.30 every morning, every sun bed around the pool was taken!! No joke! To the German and Italian guests there it was a religion to have your sunbed all towled up and reserved before breakfast. Unbelievable! Sad thing is, i decided if you can't beat them, join them. So I was up every day, about the same time I normally get up at home for work, staggering out into the morning heat haze, with two towels and a book to lob on the beds! What's that all about?! Still one of the best holidays I've had.

Oh, and our Jason Donnovan will be delighted to know he's still big in Egypt! Heard "Sealed With A Kiss" in the taxi from Sharm airport to the hotel. Laughed our heads off!