Wash by hand....?

Have you ever found a piece of clothing in your wardrobe, and realised even though you've worn it a good few times you've never actually washed it?

So last night, I was turning out a whole load of stuff to take round to the Oxfam shop.

Actually started off looking for swimming shorts to take on holiday in a few weeks. Thinking up front me. Checked i've still got my travel plug, check. Keys to the mini padlocks for the suitcase, check. Packet of Immodium Instants, check. All good. Never been so organised. Don't know what's the matter with me.

Anyways, looking through some stuff and realised this shirt i bought last summer, and have worn a few times but never washed, all because it says "hand wash only" on the label!! How lazy is that?! But also, its one of those things you forget to check when you buy something.....can you just lob it in the washing machine! Don't know about you but I've never hand washed anything in my life!

What do you clean it with, a bar of soap? AND, there's the "dry clean only"  thing isn't there. Even more annoying when you buy something like that without checking the label, then realise when you come to want to wash it.