You CAN speak Americano

So, the big holiday anthem for this summer, Yolanda Be Cool 'We No Speak Americano'…… funky tune, but what the hell does it mean?

It’s sung in some kind of Italian dialect……well, here’s a rough translation all ready for you when the song comes on. Get ready to sing out to it!

You wear your pants with a label at the back
and a hat with a front
you walk by Toledo
like a beauty to be looked at!!!

you want to look like an American
American, American,
but listen to me, who's asking you to?
you want to be fashionable,
but if you drink whisky and soda,
then you feel queesy!

You want to dance rock and roll,
you play baseball
but the money for the camels,
who give it to you??
Mummy's handbag!

You want to pretend to be American
American, American,
but you are born in Italy,
Listen to me,
there is nothing to do
Okay? Napolitan!

You want to pretend to be American
You want to pretend to be American

How can those who love you understand you,
if you speak half in American?
when one talks of love under the moon,
how can you say "i love you"?

You want to pretend to be American
But you are born in Italy!
listen to me - there is nothing to do,
ok, Napolitan?
Whisky and soda and rock and roll...