Why Toby loves the 90s

Toby asked you via Facebook whether you prefer the 90s or the 00s. Find out why he chose the 90s here...

Toby told you that he loved the 90s as it was when he first went to uni, he landed his first job in TV and loved the dance music that was around at the time.

Take a trip down memory lane below with his 90s memories, including a fresh-faced Toby during his early days in TV...

Toby's favourite 90's songs:

              N Trance - Set You Free                                               Faithless - Insomnia

We were inundated by your votes on Facebook and here's a few of your comments:

Leah Arnold - 90s hands down! The decade the boybands and the birth of Take That what more needs to be said!!!
Kerri Prior - Def the 90s reminds me of my clubbing days :o)
Nidhi Sharma - Thinking about it more..definitely swaying to the 90s...
Carmen Hickman - Love the 90s music!!
Francesca Chelsey Claydon - Noughties. Nuff said tbh.
Lisa Moore-With - 90s all the way, lots of exciting music around, everyone loves the noughties.

Judging by your all the votes we received the overall favourite was the 90s, but do you agree? What do you remember most about your favourite era?

Share your thoughts below...