Toby Anstis V Mark Wright Selfie Off

Find out what happened when Toby challenged Mark to a selfie off!

Toby loves a good selfie… he's always at it when celebs pop into the studio!

Feeling a bit unloved, Mark Wright wanted in on some of that Toby selfie action and asked Tobes for a quick studio snap. 

"Oh no Wrighty" was Toby's reply… "first you must prove yourself worthy of such Toby selfie affection!"

So, Toby laid down a challenge to Mark… A 'Selfie-off!!!'

30 secs on the clock each, whoever gets the most selfies in that time wins. Simple!

Mark wins = He gets some of that much craved selfie love from Toby :)
Toby wins = No selfie for Mark :(

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