Peter Andre's Funniest Quotes

3 February 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 3 February 2014, 10:39

These hilarious Peter Andre quotes will only make you love him even more.

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer recently became a father for the third time, with his fiancée Emily MacDonaugh giving birth to a baby girl in January.

He certainly has a way with words.

Without further ado, here are his funniest quotes...

"I've written this song called 'Insania' - it's a mix of Insane and Mania, and even though it's a made up word you instantly know what it means!"
- Peter Andre joins the ranks of writers who make up words, including the likes of William Shakespeare ("swagger"), Lewis Carroll ("chortle"), and Dr. Seuss ("nerd").

"Why is it that you chop trees down, then chop them up?"
- Peter shows his philosophical side.

"Back in the eighties I used to shave my legs. It seemed back then you shaved everything but your, er, private parts but now you shave your, er, private parts and let everything else go hairy!"
- Too much information.

"I hate feet, they're disgusting! What are they even for?"
- Um...

"I might write my own version of [Fifty Shades Of Grey] just for blokes."
- We would love to read this.

"She is a tad bitter. After all, she has yet to land a number one and I have had three, so I kind of see where her demons lie."
- Peter Andre reacts to criticism from Jamelia.

"I had a really Roman nose and thought it was too big, so I booked myself in to the LA surgeon who'd done Toni Braxton's nose. I thought her nose was great and fortunately he did a good job of ming as well!"
- On finding inspiration in unusual places.