Lucy's Blog - Monday 8th October

Hello! Welcome to Monday guys! How was your weekend? Did you do anything lovely? I had a girly night out with my Mum, and also saw my gorgeous Nephew Max. Honestly, he’s so beautiful – he’s only 6 weeks old and has changed so much already. I was taught how to ‘dream feed’, which means I bottle fed him as he slept. Apparently it’s a life saver (and sleep saver) for new parents! You learn something new every day eh?

On todays show, we had a right busy one!

JK managed to ruin his favourite T-shirt by spilling Chicken Tikka Masala down it this weekend….so we asked what have you ruined? Debbie told us she ruined her brand new black trousers by getting bleach down them. Damn.

If you want to see the best example EVER – head to . It involves Aussie Nige, his mother in law & a Dinghy. Yep. Really.

Olly Murs joined us live via satellite to chat about his new single, book & Hearts Love Music Live. If you see him live by the way, he’s officially said it’s fine to throw underwear at him. They make good Christmas presents apparently. Listen in full online at…

And we reached the letter ‘U’ on our A-Z Of Showbiz. Aussie Nige managed to get actual real life USAIN BOLT on the show. When I say, on the show, I mean…well…he stole someone elses interview and recorded some questions for him. Lets be honest, we all knew he'd fail at some point. Funny though. Check out Aussie Nige’s EPIC fail here….

On tomorrows show…

We’re worried, very worried indeed. Aussie Nige has confessed that he doesn’t have a guest line up to represent the letter ‘V’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz. Uh-oh.