Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 16th October

It’s Tuesday, aka the most boring day of the week! Yay. Obviously we like to make your Tuesdays more interesting, and this morning we started off by talking about items on your random wish list. This was after JK’s girlfriend declared that she wanted a Victorian style lamp post in the garden.

We all got thinking, and I decided that on top of my wish list was the A’La Carte Kitchen. Remember it? Did you get one as a kid? I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to make my Dad a breakfast of Swiss Roll & Baked Beans. Mmmm, yummy.


For nostalgias sake, or if you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about (it happens), here’s the A’La Carte Kitchen advert from the 80’s….brilliant.


The random items on your wish list included a red telephone box as a shower cubicle, a onesie & a slide to take you from the top of your house to the bottom. You can actually get one of those too. I know, right! Want one. Like now.

We talked about the fact that 2 Spice Girls have become 1…Mel C & Hearts very own Emma Bunton have joined forces to record ‘I Know Him So Well’. We’re not sure why, but JK reckons they made the decision after 1 too many Sherries following the Olympics closing ceremony. I like this theory.

Finally – It was a sad day for us, but a great one for stressed out Aussie Nige as we’ve reached the end of the A-Z Of Showbiz – the letter ‘Z’ was represented by Britain’s Got Talents Mr Zip! An amazing finish I think you’ll agree….you can check out all the interviews from the A-Z Of Showbiz online at!

Lucy xxx