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Well done Julia

A very big 'well done' to Julia, who completed r4l in Stanmer Park on 3 July.
Julia has severe ataxia following a stroke in her early 20s and this is about the furthest that she has walked, in one session, since then. She had set her mind on achieving this target and was walking in memory of her Nan, who died of bowel cancer.
She has raised over £120 and is justifiably pleased with herself.
Again, well done Julia and thanks to Mum and sister in-law Jodie for keeping you company.

Louise Evans & Becky Morrow.

Well done to my darling daughter Louise and her best buddy Becky. I am so proud of you girls, you made me tearful when you came over the finish line. Mum xx


I took part for the 1st time today  at stanmer park as my 10yr old son has cancer and in the last couple of months have lost a dear friend and seen many other friends battling this horrific disease I ran as spongebob my sons favourite character as a way of showing him how proud I am of his strength and bravery The atmosphere is amazing and Im already signing up for next year well done to everyone today be very proud of yourselves!!!x


I am doing it for my parents who fought until the very end but unfortunately lost their battle. My dad passed when I was 13 in 1995 and my mom died January 2010. As an only child, I am the last one standing and hope to be as strong as they were. There are no words for how much I miss them. xxx

I did it for Paula

My sister and I did race for life in brighton today. It was especially hard because a month ago today we were supporting our sister in law Paula as she did her race fo life in Eastbourne. Paula was diagnosed with breast cancer on july 23rd 2009, and despite having chemo and radiotherapy and every other thing possible we were told on May 14th 2010 that her cancer was terminal. Despite this and becoming incredably poorly, race for life gave paula a goal and with unbelievable strength and determination she did her race for life and raised over £400. After finishing the race she sadly became very unwell and 56 hours later she passed away. We had no idea just how much strength it took for her to do her race but its as if she needed to do it and once she had she was ready to go. This shows the impact that an event like this can have, so it was with absolute pride that I ran today and  i did it for Paula xxx


This is my first year of taking part in the race. I found is so much fun, and I'm glad I have done it!
I took part in memory of my Great-Grandad, who I was very close to. I miss him very much. xxxx

Ali Shannon and Tash

Well done on your first race for life . 39 minutes eh ?? what an achievement xx   well done xx  I'm proud of you all.
Keith xxx

For Darren,

I ran Race for life for the first time for my partner Darren is still recovery from treatment, he has got through it and still had time for the kids to go out and do stuff. Am very proud of him and our kids Tia and Leo who have handled it really well. I also want to add the My dear friend Sams little boy is currently fighting cancer at the moment and it was really nice to see him on saturday your such a proud boy and i love u loads Karen "Potty Mouth"

My darling daughter

My darling daughter did her first R.F.L today in Stanmer Park in 33mins I'm so proud of her well done Marie Cooke. In Oct your gonna be first. love you loads xx


I took part for the 1st time today at Stanmer park as my 10yr old son has cancer and in the last couple of months have lost a dear friend and seen many other friends battling this horrific disease I ran as spongebob my sons favourite character as a way of showing him how proud I am of his strength and bravery The atmosphere is amazing and Im already signing up for next year well done to everyone today be very proud of yourselves!!!x

Well done

Well done mummy and laura


Darling Elle-bel, Cloud and Mummy, I cannot tell how proud of you all for doing the race for life, lots and lots of love Nana.


Well Done Maz! Your first race 4 life Fontwell, and a very respectable 45mins. Lots of reasons do the run,good effort.Eirinn Billy and Bethany thought it was grand 2.
The Chapmans


Well done to my mum and sis for completeing the 5k corse around Alexandra Park in Hasting on 13th june 2010.


Well done Louise! our little superstar, for coming in first again, Grandad Nash would be so proud of you, as we all are.
Love you lots Mum Dad and Adam xxx

Sue and Michelle

Well done to Sue Lawson and Michelle Cudd, I am very proud of you both, and to everyone who took part it Hastings Race for Life your all stars.

Rebecca Cracknell

I ran in the Fontwell one today and hope I made my dad proud, 2 months ago I couldn't run round the block today I managed to run in 33 mins. Anyone can do it if the put their heart into it. x

Auntie Paula

You were so brave, i can not believe you did that whole race track. Im really glad i came but flip flops wernt the best choice of shoes. You are the best auntie, but dont tell manda, haha. Just to say thank you for looking after me when my mummy was in hospital and i really did get upset and i did get worried. I know you are the brightest star in the sky now and you will always be in my heart.
Lots of love lily xxxx

Paula Moore

Our beautify daughter in law completed the race for life on Sunday although she was very ill, her determiniation to do the race,showed how brave she was, and how proud we are of her. Sadly Paula passed away on Wednesday, she will always be an inspiration to us, and we loved her so much, and she will aways be in our heart and thoughts forever. You are and always bebright shining star in our lives 
Love Dave & Doreen

Paula Moore

Well done to my beautiful darling wife Paula Moore. This really did turn out to be your Race For Life and despite all the problems we faced you where determined to do this against all the odds and you did it my darling and although you did it with our help that just made it all the more special for me as we always lived our life together facing everything together and it was to the end. Sadly Paula passed away early wednesday morning just over 2 days after completing the race after fighting Breast cancer for nearly a year. You where so brave my darling throughout and I am just so proud of you completing the race. I loved you with all of my heart through our life together and even though you are gone I will always love you with all of my heart, forever and always my heart. Sleep peacefully my beautiful wife and I hope you have found your dad in heaven and you will live on in our 2 lovely boys always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Love you always and forever Gaz ( Gary Moore) xxx

Emily, Carol and Cherrill

Well done to the three famous stars, Emily, Carol and Cherrill. We are proud of you all. Love Louise, Alex and Ed. xxxxxxx

Marianne, Jo Jackie and Ruth

I want to say a big well done to my sister Marianne, Jo Jackie and most of all my daughter Ruth age 5 who ran the race for life with me in a fab time of 46mins. There is a pic of both of us in eastbourne 2pm race photo 22, well done to all who took part.
Michelle Evans

Cherill and Emily

Well done to Cherrill and Emily who rang the Race of Life with me. (We are in the photo after Tom Lynsey and Jack).  Emily and I rang for Ann who sadly died in New Zealand this year aged 47 x
Carol Harding

Laura Green

Today i ran my first Race for Life event. I ran with my 8 year old daughter - why - because i as many others have lost loved ones.  I am inspired not only to cherise life even more but wrote the following:

Race for Life.

Beautiful morning with the hint of a cloud - We dressed in pink and black to blend in with the crowd.
Our numbers at front and quotes of the back, We ran for all those souls who can never come back.
The smiles from all decades, so keen and so proud - The radio DJ, armed with prompts grins all around.
The warm-up beauty miced up for the start.
The thud of the bass is really my heart.
Off race the sprinters looking determined and focused - Their personal record time from the previous year - Now its our turn - get ready and listen 'barp' goes the claxon to cheers and much whistling.
I DID IT!! i did - that 5 kilometre race.
Im proud of myself - i went quite a pace.
I now own a medal that says 'Race for Life' - SAY NO to Cancer - now wouldnt that be nice.


I ran the Eastbourne Race 4 Life today, for Kieren-a wonderful 6yr old little boy who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in Dec. He is such an inspiration to everyone, and never complains about what he is going through. If I could stop the inevitable Kieren, I would run 5k over hot coals to keep you with us. We all love you xxxxxxxxxxxx
Rebecca McKay

Denyse Harvey

I took part in the race for life today in Eastbourne June 6th because  in January 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a small operation and radio therapy I am now clear. Over the past couple of years I have lost good friends to cancer.  Joe Barker, Chris Walker, Andy Vivian, Alan Waters and my father in law, Stan Harvey to name but a few.  So today I walked 5 kms in some pain as 4 weeks ago I broke my toe.

Molly Petherbridge

I took part in race for life today on the 6/6/10 becuase two years ago my mum was fighting hip, liver, cancer, spine, bone marrow, and brast cancer. she was very ill and sh had to keep going into hospitol to have calcium removed, and she was constantly sick, she was also very close to having a wheel chair, everyday i sat and watched my mum in her hospitol bed in my living room getting an injection with a seringe giving her pain killers throughout the day, making her, short tempered, fat, and not my mum, my mum was giving about 6 weeks to live, but instead did anyhig she wanted like taking me and my older brother on a helicopoter and to bluebell railways <3 my mum than live about 6 months but couldnt go on any further, sadly my mum died on the 27/1/09 at the age of only 40 and i was only 10 at the time,i will never forge my mum, i will remember the girly chats we had in the evenings and she was always there for me, she was so honest about everything that was happening, when sh fell very ill a few days before she died, she went to a lovely place in eastbourne called St Wilfred Hospice, they looked after my mum so well, the staff told me that she was in a comba and wouldnt last three days, sadly she died that evening, after u told her to her face, i never wanted to see her again, and i feel like she hates me now, but i still love her <3 i will never forget you Laura Clare Petherbridge xx Neither will Sarah you bestfreind for many yrs and dad and charlie your family x
Molly Petherbridge