£50,000 needed for a life-changing op

Dominic's mum, Sarah, needs to raise the money for an operation that can only be carried out in the USA.

Dominic Francillia, from East Grinstead, has Cerebral Palsy and can't use his legs or one of his arm, but a procedure only carried out in Amercia could transform his life.

Mum, Sarah, told Heart: "It won't make him get up and run but it will certainly give him a fighting chance of walking with a walker and sitting independently."

Sarah is busy trying to raise the £50,000 she needs to cover the cost of the air-fares and the operation itself. She says she has been overwhelmed by the support she and Dominic are getting.

She said: ""Local people that we don't know from Adam have just come out and are throwing their time at it to arrange events or take part in them. It is amazing and how we can ever repay them I don't know."

Find out what time and where events are taking place by looking at Dominic's website