The Amex Stadium Stages First Matches

After 14 years in the planning, the Amex Stadium open and has hosted it's first games

The stadium was built at a cost of £93m largely thanks to a loan from chairman, Tony Bloom. It is unsecured, interest free and doesn't have to be repaid until 2023

The ground is designates a 'community stadium' and can hold corporate events and concerts. Chief Executive, Martin Perry has told Heart he wants local groups and businesses using the facilities every day. There is also a bar open seven days a week

Two 'ramp up' games have been held to qualify for a licence to stage matches, the first with a crowd limit of 10,000, the second 16,0000

And more than twenty thousand fans packed in on August 6th to see the 2-1 win over Doncaster

See our gallery below

Supporters after Doncaster game

Will Buckley after Doncaster game

Gus Poyet after Doncaster game

Tony Bloom July 30th