Fans Flock To Banksy Artwork

26 August 2010, 12:51 | Updated: 9 September 2010, 17:26

Council bosses have told Heart an original Banksy picture can stay on the side of set of steps leading down to the beach at Marina, St Leonards.


Councillor Jay Kramer, deputy leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: "I think this is great! I know that we have a zero tolerance policy on graffiti, and that is absolutely right. However, we have to be flexible so on this occasion I have agreed that Banksy can be an exception to our rule, and can stay. Hastings has a reputation for its art, its edginess, and for being a bit bohemian. We have some great home-grown talent here in Hastings, and it's fantastic that an artist like Banksy, with his international reputation, has recognised that Hastings is worth visiting. And how appropriate that it has appeared at the start of our Coastal Currents Arts Festival."