Blue Flags

A total of 71 English beaches were awarded Blue Flags this year - 4 of them are in Sussex.

Blue Flag is a prestigious, international award scheme which acts as a guarantee to tourists that a beach or marina they are visiting is one of the best in the world.

It is awarded to coastal destinations which have achieved the highest quality in water, facilities, safety, environmental education and management.

Over the years it has acted as an incentive to many beach managers to improve the quality of the coast and their hard work has led to a revival of the UK coastline and beaches around the world.

Last year England received 72 Blue Flags. In 2002 only 45 were handed out.

The beaches in Sussex awarded a Blue Flag in 2010:

Littlehampton Coastguards - West Sussex Arun District Council

Hove Lawns - East Sussex Brighton and Hove City Council

West Street - East Sussex Brighton and Hove City Council

West Wittering Beach - West Sussex West Wittering Estate PLC