Brighton And Hove; Binmen Strike

7 June 2013, 14:53 | Updated: 7 June 2013, 15:01

Hundreds of council refuse and recycling workers are to stage a week-long strike after voting in favour of action in a long-running row over pay.

Members of the GMB union at Brighton and Hove City Council will walk out from June 14 after backing stoppages by 96%, with further strikes planned.

The union said its members, who work in refuse, recycling and street cleaning, face cuts of up to £4,000 a year under plans to revise pay and conditions at the local authority.

GMB official Mark Turner said: "A 96% vote in favour of industrial action clearly shows that the workforce are determined to fight these unfair cuts.

"Employees have delivered over £7.5 million of efficiency savings for the council, while maintaining a record satisfaction rating of over 89% in the most recent survey of the public.

"In return they have been rewarded with three years of pay freezes and now the council is seeking to implement cuts to their take home pay of up to £4,000 a head.

"While our members do not take strike action lightly, they have no option but to defend themselves from these savage cuts. At a meeting of the workforce this morning, they have personally asked me to thank the public for the overwhelming support they have received, with over 1,500 residents signing a petition on our website and posters in support appearing in windows throughout the city.''