Brighton: City Council Reveals Homes Plan

22 October 2013, 07:42 | Updated: 22 October 2013, 07:48

A blueprint outlining development in Brighton & Hove will be examined publicly by a government representative.

The Brighton & Hove City Plan sets out how the city’s homes and jobs will be provided between now and 2030.

It's been written by the Green administration in line with ‘One Planet Living’ sustainability principles but must also meet a number of requirements as set out by the government.

The plan is due for a public examination by a Planning Inspector beginning today (Tue 22nd Oct).
Among the proposals setting out the city’s overarching approach to housing, the economy and transport are:

Regeneration of major sites in the city including eight major development areas
11,300 much-needed new homes, with 94% of all proposed housing on brownfield sites
High quality design and sustainability principles in new developments in the city, including constructing buildings that are more energy and water efficient
Preservation and enhancement of our city centre green spaces
Exemplar development of the highest sustainability standards achievable at Toad’s Hole Valley
Protection for land used for sustainable local economic growth, and promotion of a resilient low carbon economy;
Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, Chair of Planning Committee said:
"This plan sets out the vision and strategy for the city to 2030. The City Plan is crucial and will help us to deliver a vision for a confident city which will punch above its weight, win and keep jobs and provide much needed housing.
“We want to secure the right balance between meeting our substantial housing needs and ensure that there are enough businesses and jobs in the city.  The City Plan also seeks to focus development in accessible locations, provide for schools and health facilities while protecting our parks, built heritage and Downland setting.
“This plan pushes a positive vision for the future of our city which looks toward a low carbon economy builds houses for our citizens and maximises the opportunities to create jobs in important sectors of the local economy including the creative industries and emerging environmental technologies.
“I believe that we have a strong plan for the future of Brighton and Hove and I am delighted that it has the support of so many of the key organisations in the city who have taken an active role in shaping this final document.  It’s crucial that we get a policy agreed as soon as possible, so that the City Plan can guide the city’s local growth and shape the city of tomorrow. I look forward to the public examination which begins tomorrow and I’m confident that we will be able to meet both the city’s needs and the government’s requirements."