Campaign To Bring Afghan Home

1 September 2010, 00:00 | Updated: 1 September 2010, 11:49

A Hailsham school teacher has launched a campaign to bring home an Afghanistan stray dog who has saved the lives of many British troops.

Brin the Afghan hound was adopted by Coldstream guards and then handed over to the Gurkha Rifles troop after wandering onto their base several months ago.

"He would walk along the banks of the River Helmand with these troops and he was stopping and growling and barking, and they didn't know quite what he was on about, but it did turn out to be these landmines. Many were disarmed and would have killed, " explains Sally Baldwin who is running the campaign.

Sally, a teacher at Laughton primary school, has never met Brin before, but was so taken with his story that she has spent the past 8 weeks fighting to bring him home.

"I have raised £2,000 and I need another £1,500. That is the last leg of my journey to cover his quarantine and his veterinary care."

Rescue charity Nowzad dogs has played a key role in the mission to bring Brin home. Dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan and Iraq, they understand the difficulties involved in getting an animal over to Britain.

"Yesterday evening Brin reached the base where he will be met by the charity Nowzad who will fly him to Kabul airport," Sally explains.

To help bring Brin home please send cheques or donations to:

Helping Hounds
c/o 27 Ersham Road
East Sussex
BN27 3LQ

or go online