Couple Get Apology

5 October 2010, 00:00

A couple who were told their unborn baby had died when it was actually alive and well have recieved a letter of apology. Sofia Taylor from Peacehaven was advised to have an abortion following a scan in August but refused to accept the diagnosis. A second scan proved all was well.


In a letter of apology sent to Mr and Mrs Taylor on 24 September the Chief Executive of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Duncan Selbie said:

“I am aware that there has been a significant failure regarding the early management of your current pregnancy which resulted in an error during one of your early scans.  I am also aware that you met with the Lead Clinician for the service on 22 September to talk through these matters and he has shared with me your very understandable concerns as well as his own regarding this.

“There was an error in the measurement taken at the first scan on 25 August and this resulted in us making the wrong diagnosis.  Ordinarily if there was any doubt or concern over the measurements we would normally ensure that a repeat scan is organised.  Furthermore, even after reassurance, if a woman and her partner are still concerned over the diagnosis then we encourage a repeat scan and this should have been offered to you without the need for persuasion on your part.  We profoundly apologise for how both of these matters were managed.

“Human error of this sort is extremely unusual within the service and we have gone to some lengths already to investigate how this came about and to ensure that our processes and policies are sufficient so that we can be confident that a mistake of this nature will not happen again.

“I offer you our sincerest apologies for our errors.”