Crash Cards for Sussex Bikers

A new card designed to provide potentially life saving information if motorcyclists are involved in a crash is launching in Sussex


The CRASH card is smaller than a credit card and can be fitted inside the lining of a helmet, it also comes with a green sticker which goes on the outside of the helmet to show paramedics that there's a CRASH card inside.

The card itself has the riders name on it, along with their date of birth, where they live, any medication they are taking or allergies they have.

The idea started in Essex and is designed to help medical teams treat a motorcyclists as quickly and effectively as possibly if they are in an accident but are unconscious so can't give them any of their details.

Click here to listen to Paramedic Richard Bowden

If you want to get a CRASH card contact the Highways Agency Information Line on 08457 50 40 30