Crawley: Suspect Package Delivered In Post

19 February 2014, 14:39 | Updated: 19 February 2014, 15:00

Specialist officers called at 11:45am to carry out checks on package delivered in post. Latest at 2:30pm, Police say non-suspicious and cordon being lifted.

Here is the statement from Sussex Police.

At 11.45am on Wednesday 19 February we were informed that a small envelope, which had arrived in the post at an office in Stephenson Way, Three Bridges, was felt by the recipients to be suspicious.

Local officers have arrived and are assessing the situation. Military Ordnance Disposal have also been asked to attend.

The building and two immediately adjacent buildings have been evacuated for the time being purely as a precaution but it has not been necessary to to carry out any further evacuations at present.  

Update from Sussex Police at 2:30pm.

A military Ordnance Disposal team have examined the envelope and have established that it is of innocent origin.

Police are now in process of leaving the scene and the incident is closed.

We thank the occupants of the buildings that were evacuated, and anyone else in the vicinity who was inconvenienced, for their co-operation and understanding while the envelope was checked out.