Subdued Sussex

Sussex police have told Heart the trouble in city and town centres across the county after England's opening World Cup match was no worse than any other Saturday night.

Police cells across were nearly full this morning but the spokeswoman said that was normal for a Sunday morning and any trouble was not particularly football-related.

Officers were using yellow and red cards to warn troublemakers. Yellow means 'move-on', red 'you're nicked'.

Sussex police also warned anyone thinking of downing a couple of celebratory drinks or drowning their sorrows and then getting into the car. The force is blitzing drink-drivers during World Cup month and has already arrested 400 over-the-limit drivers so far this year.

"What we are planning to do is have high-profile checks on individuals we know drink-drive and making sure we are out there on the roads stopping people who are doing it."

Sussex energy supplier EDF was prepared for a massive electricity surge during last night's coverage. The company reckoned nearly half of us watching the England game at home put the kettle on for a half-time cuppa and then turned on the fridge light as we got the out the milk.

A super-fan from Bognor has changed his name by deed poll for as long as England stay in the World Cup. Christopher Alderslade is now known as Dr England Three Lions Churchill.