A Dental Shift

Experts in Brighton say better materials, procedures and professional experience make implants the best option for replacing lost teeth:

Chatting to Brighton resident, Paul Burton (72), he said "If I have one serious regret about my age, it has to be my permanent teeth. I first lost a permanent molar to decay in my early 20s, and the resulting bridge has had to be replaced several times in subsequent decades, ultimately as a four-part apparatus.  Now, that has to go as well because I could not floss and clean properly under the bridge and between the supporting crowns, I developed a severe periodontal infection.

Dr. Bruno Silva of Brighton Implant Clinic, Church Road in Hove, the young dental surgeon I consulted, took one look at my mouth and said: "This is not how we do restorations nowadays. A bridge is not a permanent solution and makes it too hard for most people to keep their gums and underlying bone healthy. Now we do implants where needed."
In an overwhelming majority of cases, implants to replace lost teeth are by far the best long-term solution for maintaining a healthy mouth. Also, because they rarely need to be replaced, in the long run they are more economical than bridges.

A Growing Option

Implants for replacing lost teeth have come a long way in the last 25 years. Better materials, procedures and professional experience result in far fewer problems than occurred in the early years of implants.

Critical to their success, however, is proper selection of both patients and practitioners - and, after the implant, a commitment to good oral hygiene. Dental implants must be treated like natural teeth: kept clean and free of plaque through proper brushing, flossing and periodic professional cleanings.

Implants do not decay, and adjacent healthy teeth do not require crowns to support them. And because it is easy to clean and floss between implants, the gum tissue and underlying bone are more likely to remain healthy.

With a bridge, if one of the supporting crowned teeth breaks or develops decay or nerve damage, the bridge and its three or more crowns must be removed and replaced.

Implants can replace individual lost teeth or many teeth in a row. For those who have lost most of their teeth, implants can be used to anchor a full or partial denture. "Teeth in a day" says Dr Bruno Silva is one of the unique selling points of Brighton Implant Clinic as we are only one of a handful of clinics where you can get this procedure done in one day in the UK.

Many insurance companies now cover implants, but most people do not have dental insurance and must pay out of pocket. If this is an issue, said Dr Silva, then we can help with some financial arrangements to help deliver your treatment.

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