Eastbourne Pre School calls for help

New Premises and Equipment Sought as Rising Stars Pre-School Hall Razed to the Ground in Suspected Arson Attack

When St. Andrews Church Hall on Seaside was destroyed by fire in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 9th May, the home of Rising Stars Pre-school was also razed to the ground. The pre-school, founded in 1977, is a much-loved and popular hub of the community – it already has a full register for September 2010. Sadly there is currently nothing to offer those looking forward to this opportunity since all of the toys, books and ICT equipment have been reduced to ash. Staff, parents and children are distraught at the loss of their resources, not to mention files of irreplaceable work. The pre-school is run by parents and is a non profit-making charity, making the loss all the more poignant.

The immediate priority of the committee is to ensure that the 53 pre-school children currently on the register can continue to be cared for by the staff they have grown to know and trust. They are urgently seeking an OFSTED-registered building to use temporarily until May half term, after which time a more permanent solution is sought.

Please call Sarra Hawes (Chairperson) or Louise Smith (Pre-school Manager) with any offers of help, either with Rising Stars’ quest for a new home or for equipment to enable them to continue their essential role in our local community. Tel: 07773 874629. They are pictured below with the Reverend David King

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