Ford Prison Riot

13 January 2011, 15:27

The Independent Monitoring Board for Ford Prison says it had warned that staffing levels at night were too low

The Annual report, published in December also looked at security measures and the prevalence of drugs and alcohol

These are the main points

·     Warning about Night Staffing

·     Under funding at HMP Ford as a Resettlement Prison

·     Suitability for a Cat D Prison of some of the prisoners.

·     Financial Constraints and poor resources trying to meet the challenges of being the cheapest Prison in the UK.

·     Inadequate accommodation for prisoners in the huts of “B” Wing

·     CCTV Coverage at HMP Ford needs massive improvement

·     Home Detention Curfew (HDC) is an area of concern due to inefficiencies in the Prison Service.

·     Concern about Drugs and Alcohol finds at HMP Ford.

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