Illegal vodka found

19 August 2011, 06:00

Vodka containing illegally-high levels of methanol has been discovered on sale in Brighton & Hove.

Admiral Vodka with a lot code on the rear label of L1031/29 has been found containing nearly ten times the legal maximum levels of methanol.

The chemical, also known as wood alcohol, is found in antifreeze, used as a solvent and an ingredient in meths.

admiral vodka labelTrading standards have told Heart that while the methanol levels are unusually high, there should not be any harmful effects from drinking the vodka.  But anybody who has already bought the brand is advised to dispose of it.

Cabinet councillor public safety Ben Duncan said:  “These bottles look professionally-produced rather than home-made.  The recent explosion in Lincolnshire tells us that production of illicit vodka is certainly an industry.  At present we don’t know where this is coming from.  The best protection is to buy well-known labels from reputable stores.”

Any businesses with Admiral Vodka in stock are advised to contact trading standards via Consumer Direct for further advice.

Anyone concerned that they may have bought or been offered Admiral Vodka or any other illegal alcohol should contact Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506.