Katie Price Fined For Driving Offence

29 September 2010, 05:49

Katie Price was found guilty tonight of not being in full control of her luxury new pink horsebox after veering into another lane on a busy road.

The model, 32, was seen by police officers on a mobile phone while behind the wheel on the A23 at Bolney, West Sussex.

Her actions caused two other vehicles to move away as her 7.5 tonne vehicle drifted into their lane at 11.55am on February 19, magistrates heard.

Price was among eight people, including four adults and four children, travelling to Euro Disney in the vehicle, which she had driven only twice before.

Prosecutors said she was seen on the phone for two to three seconds by two officers after they drove alongside her in a patrol vehicle following the ``careless'' manoeuvre into the opposite lane.

In her evidence to the court, Price denied using her phone behind the wheel, insisting she had no reason to because the horsebox was equipped with hands-free bluetooth equipment.

Price, who already had seven points on her licence, was found guilty of not being in proper control of a vehicle.

She was fined £1,000, and ordered to pay a £15 surcharge and costs of £650 at Mid Sussex Magistrates' Court in Haywards Heath. She also had three points added to her licence.