Northiam: Mary's Mother Says "Thank You"

17 October 2014, 16:47 | Updated: 18 October 2014, 12:22

The mother of Mary Shipstone, 7, shot dead by her father, has thanked people in the village of Northiam for their support.

Lyndsey Shipstone was speaking after her daughter's funeral. She said: "It has been a month since our beautiful Mary was taken from us but the pain is still as fresh now as it was then. 

"Mary was such a fun, bright, inquisitive little girl. Losing her so violently has left us in a state of trauma and grief. Her absence feels like a void that cannot be overcome.
"She was such a happy child and I hope the memory of her little smiling face will be what stays with everyone who knew her.

"She will never leave our thoughts but at the moment every day is a struggle for us as we try to come to terms with our grief.
"I would like to thanks my family and friends for all their support and the community for the way our neighbours have comforted us in our darkest hour.
"I will never forgot the kindness we have been shown over the last few weeks.
"I would also like to thank the media for giving us the time and space to grieve for Mary. We are still struggling with our loss and I would ask them to please continue to leave us to grieve in peace."

Friday's funeral service was conducted by the Reverend Rod White and included a reading of A Poem for Mary written by Liz Butt, the founder of The Music Well.

I heard your heartfelt song
Welling from your pain, your fear
The shadows darkening into light
A tale of flight.

I heard your youthful tune
Played out with delight
A child's celebration of life
Conquering the night.

I watched your hands drumming
Finding a rhythm of liveliness
Comforting, stable, sharing
Winning the fight.
Your music ripples out
In ever widening circles
To touch the hearts of many
The music of your life.

The service concluded with a private family committal in Beckley Churchyard.

Mary Shipstone 2 Northiam

The family has set up the Mary Shipstone Memorial Fund to remember the seven-year-old and to support The Music Well charity, based in Rye, which offers music therapy to children who have suffered trauma