Patcham: People Told To Prepare For Flooding

The groundwater level in Patcham has risen following the recent heavy rainfall. Information from the Environment Agency suggests the water level may rise further.

The ground water level has continued to steadily rise - yesterday morning it was already at 43.56 metres AOD and some basement flooding has occurred.

Flooding at surface level was expected into Wednesday.

Brighton and Hove City Council Adult Social Care and Housing Teams are continuing to visit residents in the area identified by the Environment Agency as at risk of flooding.

Public meeting for residents
Two public meetings were held yesterday (Tuesday 4 February) to give people more information and advice on what to do before, during and after flooding.

Council Advice for those in the area
-We continue to encourage you to make preparations now in case of flooding
-Make plans to stay with friends or relatives in case you need to leave your property
-Prepare a bag with clothing, medicines and any other essentials should you have to leave in haste
-Consider pets and move personal or sentimental items to safety
-Even if the flood water does not directly affect your property you may find that the electricity supply is cut off, sewage does not drain away, and access to your property may become difficult due to flooding in the surrounding area.

If the level reaches 45m AOD, local basements will be flooded and there will be some ground floor flooding. At these levels the risk is confined to properties along the north end of Old London Road and the lower part of the Ladies' Mile Road. If levels rise further the area affected would of course extend.

The council is giving sandbags to some houses which do not have basements and might be affected by water running off the roads. Sandbags cannot be used where ground water comes up through the floors of a house as they could stop the water getting out. The Environmental Health team will monitor the risk of any water contamination.

Over the weekend Adult Social Care team visited households identified as possibly needing social care support or advice. Households were identified from information from local GPs and neighbourly concerns passed on to the team. The council has established a rest centre which will open if evacuation is required.

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