Safer Travel Team makes 52 arrests

10 June 2010, 12:03

Train Operator Southern’s new Safer Travel Team has made an instant impact, with 52 arrests made since the team was launched in April this year.

The team, comprising Southern’s own Rail Neighbourhood Officers (RNO) and British Transport Police (BTP) Officers patrol the Southern network day and night responding to incidents, dealing with low-level crime and taking time to talk with passengers.

Since the launch of the team two months ago, BTP team members have made 52 arrests and issued 33 cautions assisted by RNOs. The team as a whole has dealt with 14 trespassers, issued 1,677 anti-social behaviour warnings, 516 penalty fares, and 245 prosecution notices for fare evasion.

Martin Grier, Southern’s Head of Security and Revenue Protection said: “This is a remarkable impact considering the short time the team has been in existence. I’m particularly pleased with the number of anti-social behaviour warnings that have been issued. Things like feet on seats and loud music on trains are just two of the things that annoy our passengers intensely and the team is on a mission to stamp out this kind of unacceptable behaviour.”

In addition to detecting and dealing with minor crime and ticket irregularities, the team always keeps an eye out to ensure passengers stay safe while on the Southern network, and has persuaded three people from taking their own lives.

Mr Grier added: “The team is not just there to deal with crime. An important part of its role is to reassure passengers by being highly visible and talking with them while they are out on patrol. The team is really making a difference out there and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our passengers.”