Save Water, Save Money

14 September 2010, 10:23 | Updated: 14 September 2010, 10:31

A device which can save 10,000 litres of water a year is being offered free to 855,000 households in the South East.

The E.ON ShowerSave is a simple device that is easy to fit which creates a constant flow of 7.6 litres of water every minute, this is enough for a good shower, but at the same time reduces water wasted if the water pressure increases.

South East Water has joined forces with energy giant E.ON to offer every household in its region one of these devices for FREE as part of the Company’s commitment to water and energy efficiency.

Tim Robertson, Director at Save Water Save Money, said: “Customers can log onto our website via a link from South East Water’s website to request their E.ON ShowerSave.

“Along with the E.ON ShowerSave customers also receive a measuring bag complete with instructions to test the flow rate of their shower. If the water is above the measuring line on the flowbag the customers could save water and money.

“A video is also available on our website to guide customers through the installation process. The device comes with a 15-year warranty and takes just a couple of minutes to fit, without the need for a plumber.”

Visit  to find out if your shower qualifies and how to apply.

Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources at South East Water, said: “I am delighted we are working with E.ON to give customers the chance to get their hands on this free device.

“Around 30 per cent of a household’s energy bill comes from using hot water, for example, in baths or showers, or for washing clothes or dishes. By fitting the E.ON ShowerSave families should see a reduction in their energy bill, and those who are charged for their water by meter should also see a reduction in their water bill as well.

“On average we each use 160 litres of water per person every day. It’s important we use water wisely so there are sufficient supplies of this precious resource for everyone now and in the future.”