Sheila Bright Goes back to Crash Site

22 November 2010, 14:45 | Updated: 22 November 2010, 14:52

On Monday November 22nd, Sheila Bright returned to the site on the A20 where partner Michael baker from Littlehampton was killed. See our picture gallery and hear our interview

This is the story we ran last week when it was revealed no one would be charged.

Four children arrested in connection with a fatal accident which led to the death of a Sussex man will not face prosecution.

Michael Baker, of Granville Road, Littlehampton, was killed on the A20 at Swanley, Kent, in July this year.

Stones were believed to have been thrown at a lorry, forcing it to pull off the road.

The lorry collided with a recovery truck which Mr Baker, 47, had been travelling in, leaving him critically injured.

He later died in hospital.

The children, aged between 10 and 15, were questioned on suspicion of manslaughter but Kent Police say no action will be taken against them.

Sheila Bright, Mr Baker's partner visited the site - Heart asked her how the visit affected her

Sheila Bright