Surviving The Snow

All you need to know about how the snow is affecting where you live


Expect some light snow showers through the afternoon, then after a misty night with temperatures dropping to -4 in some places Monday will start cloudy.

The Met office are predicting snow along the coast during the morning. Elsewhere you may see some sun but temperatures will stay below freezing.

Another misty start on Tuesday but it will be a degree or two warmer. More snow is on its way later in the week. Weare looking at falls overnight Wednesday and through the day on Thursday.


After yesterday's gridlock, the roads in Surrey and Sussex are returning to normal today.

Problems, though, on the M25. It is currently closed both ways between junctions 5 and 6 after a tanker overturned and spilled its load of liquid petroleum gas.


  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions for your journey and destination before you travel
  • Make sure you have full visibility before driving, taking time to de-mist and de-ice all windows and lights on the vehicle. Snow should be removed from your vehicle before travelling.
  • Poor weather conditions mean it can be harder for drivers to see, so use your lights
  • When the roads are wet and icy it can take twice as long to stop your vehicle, so slow down
  • In poor visibility be extra alert for hazards
  • Carry warm waterproof clothing, food, water and a torch in your vehicle in case weather conditions mean you have to stop
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your journey before you set off
  • Pedestrians and cyclists, be vigilant and make sure you can be seen however you are travelling - this includes using lights and wearing high visibility clothing

Members of the public are reminded to only call 999 if a crime is in progress or life is in danger. All other calls to the police should be directed to the single non-emergency number of 0845 6070999.


Southern and SouthEastern trains say they hope to run a normal service today but are warning of some delays and cancellations. You are advised to check their websites before travelling and to look out for email and twitter alerts.


This weekend should have been one of the busiest at Gatwick and Heathrow but services from both airports have been severely disrupted by the weather.

Gatwick is open today (Sunday) but warning of delays and cancellations. BA has grounded all but a handful of flights out of Heathrow and nothing is landing today at the airport.


Practical steps to help you stay warm and healthy over Christmas include:

  • Having regular hot drinks and at least one hot meal a day, eating regularly helps to keep energy levels up during winter
  • Wearing several light layers of warm clothes
  • Keeping as active as possible
  • Remembering to wrap up warm if you need to go outside on cold days
  • If you are indoors, close your curtains, use draught excluders and insulate your doors and windows as best you can 14 this will keep the heat in and help to reduce your bills
  • Set the thermostat to 21°C (70°F) and the timer to come on before you get up. If you can't heat all of the rooms you use, heat the living room throughout the day and your bedroom just before you go to bed
  • If it's very cold, set your heating to come on earlier rather than turning the thermostat up
  • Set your timer so that the heating switches off after you've gone to bed.

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