South East: Overnighter Train Ticket Launched

8 July 2014, 08:08

First Capital Connect (FCC) has launched the ‘Overnighter’ rail ticket, valid from 2pm Friday or Saturday until 12 noon the following day.

The unique ‘Overnighter’ ticket is perfect for clubbers and night owls who want to stay out late on Friday or Saturday night and get back the next morning.  The ticket is cheaper than two day singles or an open return.

Passengers can buy the ‘Overnighter’ from any station or via the First Capital Connect website ( The ticket is valid for travel on the First Capital Connect network to London, Cambridge, Brighton or Stevenage. The ticket is not available for journeys wholly within the London Travelcard Area.

The ‘Overnighter’ offers passengers greater flexibility and choice, as well as saving money without the worry of rushing for the last train home. For example the cost of an open off peak return for Cambridge to London King’s Cross is £34.50; the cost of purchasing an ‘overnighter’ ticket is £20 with a saving of £14.50.

FCC’s Customer Service Director Keith Jipps said:

“Our passengers asked for more flexible tickets and the ‘Overnighter’ ticket gives them just that - the opportunity to stay out all night and return home before noon the next day if they choose.

“That means no more rushing for the last train home and it’s perfect for clubbers or anyone who wants to enjoy a night away in London, Cambridge, Stevenage and Brighton without having to buy two single tickets or an open return.

"The long summer days and nights are the perfect opportunity to explore everything the season has to offer with late night music, open-air cinema showings and much more as promoted on our Facebook page.

“Railcards and Groupsave discounts are available on this ticket giving up to one-third extra off this already great value fare.”