Stop Speeding Event in Sussex

24 November 2010, 00:00

Over the next three months Sussex Police's 'Stop Speeding - Make Communities Safer' will be rolled out across the county. The first town targetted is Hove; drivers could escape a fine


Hear our interview with Sgt Paul Masterson of the Casualty reduction unit

Speeding is in the top three of complaints made to neighbourhood policing panels across Sussex and schemes are now in place to encourage drivers to make a personal commitment to keeping to the speed limit, improving the environment and recognising the dangers of speeding. Enforcement activity in rural areas, in particular, shows that often the majority of speeding offenders live in the area in which they are stopped.

Sx Police Community Speed campaignDrivers stopped while speeding in Hove over the next couple of days will have the opportunity to escape a fine if they agree to attend a stop speeding presentation there and then. The two day stop speeding campaign is taking place in Brighton and Hove on Tuesday and Wednesday this week (November 23/24) and drivers who do not exceed the 30mp limit by more than 10mph can view the presentation by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

'Stop Speeding - Make Your Community Safer' is a pan-Sussex initiative to embrace schemes already taking place in East and West Sussex and to establish a single marketable brand. Sussex Police neighbourhood policing teams will be able to provide local communities with a workable solution to many of their speeding concerns and provide clear messages that:

• Encourage drivers to keep within the speed limit

• Raise awareness of the dangers of speeding not only to drivers and their passengers, but to all road users

• Involve the community in speed reduction

• Improve the environment of local communities by reducing danger and nuisance to other road users.

• Make speeding as socially unacceptable as drink driving has become.

Corresponding with the campaign in Hove, the Ape Theatre Company will be performing a production called 'Lethal Weapon' in schools across Brighton and Hove focusing on speed and the attitude of driving.