Sussex should be spared hosepipe ban

Heart has been talking to Southern Water and South East Water about the dry spell. Both say there shouldn't be a hosepipe ban this Summer - because of the wet winter

This is the statement from South East Water

(The picture is of Bewl Reservoir)

We are not anticipating imposing restrictions this summer; this is as a result of the wet winter (rainfall levels for winter 2009/10 ranged from 127% to 142% of the long term average).

This rain has allowed nearly all of our underground sources – which provide 75% of all our customers’ supplies – to be recharged. Nearly all of these sources remain at or above long-term average groundwater levels for the time of year.

Similarly the wet winter has enabled us to take excess flows from rivers and store it in our reservoirs, ready for use this summer. Company reservoir levels at the end of May were:

o       Ardingly Reservoir 99% full (SEW own)

o       Arlington Reservoir 87% full (SEW own)

o       Pembury reservoir 80% full (SEW own)

o       Bewl Reservoir 94% full (SW own but SEW take a supply from)

Despite the relatively healthy position of our resources, extended periods of hot, dry weather – which can see demand soar from the daily average of 565 million per day to 695 million litres per day – can quickly impact on the available water we have, and so we will continue to monitor both our water resource levels and the impact increasing customer demand may have on them.

As such, we would still encourage our customers to use water wisely, and not waste it. During the summer the amount of water we use in gardens alone can soar by up to 70% of our daily total. However, there are lots of ways to enjoy a healthy, green garden and protect the environment without using lots of water. Further water efficiency advice is available on our website