Tackling Life!

Albion first team coach, Charlie Oatway has launched his autobiography detailing his tough upbringing and the decision to reveal his literacy problems in his late twenties


Subtitled 'The true story of a footballing bad lad made good;' it is not a book about football but a story of a tough upbringing in West London, expulsion from school, time in prison and taking the big step to sign up for literacy lessons and then to go public about them.

Charlie Oatway at book launchThe book is part of the 'Quick Read' series and just 104 pages long. Everyone who has read it has told me they did so at one sitting.

As well as being the story of Charlie; it's also a tribute to the Albion's community scheme. The programme has won a number of awards and as well as the learning centres, arranges days out for people with disabilities and spreads healthy lifestyle messages


Listen To Charlie talking about his pride in the book and Alan Sanders the director of Albion in the Community talking about the programme now and in the future

Charlie Oatway

Alan Sanders