East Sussex: Take Care During Clear Up

Caution urged by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service as clean up begins after flooding

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urging anyone affected by the recent flooding to be cautious when clearing up - particularly where electricity is concerned.

There have been a number of incidents in the last two days where firefighters have been called to properties where flood water was affecting electrics.  We are highlighting advice from the charity the Electrical Safety Council:

• make sure the property is safe before you enter
• try to avoid direct contact with any flood water which remains, as it may be contaminated
• be prepared, have a torch at hand when entering the property and do not use candles
• switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box, if it is safe to do so
• arrange for other services, such as gas, to be turned off. The electricity and gas supplies should remain off until you are sure it is safe to turn them back on
• contact your insurance company and, if applicable, your landlord, to tell them what has happened and to get advice and take instruction.

• attempt any electrical repairs or connection of temporary supplies yourself - always use a registered electrician
• use candles to guide you when entering the property
• use any mains powered electrical appliances in the areas affected by the flood until advised that it is safe to do so
• go near any exposed wiring, as it may still be live
• start to clean up or undertake repairs until you are sure it is safe to do so