The Prime Minister: The Threat Of Terrorism And The A&E 'Problem'

14 January 2015, 06:00

David Cameron has told Heart we should be concerned about the terrorist threat at an airport like Gatwick as an attack is "highly likely".

It's after 17 people were killed in a massacre by Islamist Militants last week in France.

Mr Cameron said Britain was at risk from a group of people who believed in a "fanatical death cult'' of Islamic extremism.

He said he was not surprised that Charlie Hebdo had published an image of the prophet in its new issue, and other publications were free to do so.

"In a free country with free expression... it is perfectly clear - you can be offended sometimes," Mr Cameron said. There will be many Muslims who are offended by a depiction of the prophet. But being offended by something is not a justification for violence.

"The overwhelming majority of Muslims completely understand and agree with that view.

"I am a Christian. I obviously don't like seeing the religious things I hold dear mocked in an unpleasant way.

"But in a free country if people want to attack my religion and my beliefs you accept that because that is part of living in a free country."

You can hear him talking to Heart on the subject below.

Meanwhile he said the government has got to do more for A&E departments in Sussex and Surrey, after the A&E consultant from the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton wrote the Prime Minister an open letter condemning a so-called 'A&E crisis'.

In his letter, Dr Robert Galloway says staff consider it a good shift if no member of staff is in tears and no one dies in the corridor. He also says the PM has previously dismissed claims that A&Es are facing a crisis because he is "embarrassed by his mistakes".

In the one-to-one interview with Heart's reporter, Charlotte Wright, he also said the low inflation figures announced on Tuesday were "fundamentally good news" and should help families see "a better standard of living".

He said: "We don't face the problem that some European countries face of potential deflation because I think our low inflation has been brought about by this lower oil price which is going to see lower petrol prices and diesel prices at the pumps.

"That will give Britain's hard-working families the ability to spend more money on other things or to put money aside for a rainy day.

"It is fundamentally good news, this low inflation rate. I can remember governments plagued by high inflation and high unemployment; we are in a good situation where our economy is growing, more people are getting jobs, petrol prices are coming down, that should help Britain's hard-working families to see a better standard of living."

And as Lewes MP Norman Baker is leading a campaign for an inquiry into the Iraq war (the Chilcot Inquiry) to be published as soon as possible, Heart asked David Cameron whether the report should be published before the general election. Hear his response below.