Three Men in a Nano

Three Sussex men are setting off this weekend (March 27/28) to drive the World's smallest production car across two Continents to raise money for war victims.

Richard Lawson-Cruttenden and Jason Woodhams, from Albourne and Lee Shawyer from Brighton are
driving from India to London in two Tato Nanos. The cars were designed for the cities of India and have 'toy-sized' twelve inch wheels and tiny 625cc engines.

The journey will take them from the Taj Mahal in India to Trafalgar Square... over the mountains of Iran and along some of the roughest roads in the World.

Originally, the men say they planned to do it just for the challenge, but then they heard about the charity IDEALS and decided to use the trip to raise money. Hear our interview with Richard Lawson-Cruttenden.

IDEALS is a team of doctors and nurses who put their lives at risk to help people who are the victims of war or natural disasters. They operate on the front line to provide medical support, equipment and training.

IDEALS has been active in helping with reconstruction of societies devastated by the Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake.

For more information on the trip you can visit the Nano Challenge website.