Tribute from Keira Madden's grandparents

7 July 2010, 14:41 | Updated: 7 July 2010, 14:44

The parents of the mother who jumped to her death, leaving the body of her four-year-old daughter at home, yesterday said the two "adored each other".

Jo and Peter Oates paid tribute to their daughter and granddaughter, saying: "Nothing came between their love".

In a joint statement with Cathy's brother, Chris, they said: "Keira was born in August 2005 and the time since that magic moment has become the most wonderful time of our lives.

We have been privileged to be part of her gradual change from a tiny baby into a beautiful, delightful and clever young lady who charmed us in everything she did and learned.

Throughout her short life Keira, with Cathy, had a marvelous and fulfilling time together, with both of them learning and adapting to each other.

The two adored each other and nothing came between that love.

Cathy and Keira are now together for all time and nothing can separate them.

Goodbye our darlings, we love you.

Rest in Peace together in God's protection."

Keira's devastated father, Steven Madden, 42, who was going through a difficult divorce with Ms Madden, paid an emotional tribute to his "cheeky little monkey" on Monday.

The family have asked to be allowed to grieve in peace.