Advice to your teenage self

This morning on Heart Breakfast we asked "If you could go back in time and give some advice to your teenage self, what would you say"?

It all came about after Tom's uncle asked everyone to to put some words of wisdom in the card of his son who is about to become a teenager. 

You had some great peals of wisdom...

Bee said; I'd tell myself to stay away from "that boy" he's trouble! Day dreaming is much more fun than reality! Lol

Michelle said; Don't waste your teenage years wishing you were older. Michelle

Kevin said; Be what you want to be, don't hide from who you are and never be afraid of being who you are.

We can all relate to Jess' advice; Save money whist living at home with the parents!

And finally Paula got in touch with her advice...


Great advice all round, if only we had this when we were kids (though I'm not sure we would have listened anyway)!