Auction Challenge

We’ve been giving Tom a little bit of stick on the show this week as he confessed to owning a life size cardboard cut-out of Han Solo from Star Wars (aka Harrison Ford)! We ate our words though when he received an email offering to buy it from him…why would anybody want to but that?!

As a result of this news a challenge was laid down by Jack as he reckons he could make more money by selling something he owns than Tom could make from his cut-out. And so each of us today has an item up for sale!

See the lots below and make your bid either by texting 82122 or by calling us on 08457 102 103

(We promise we’ll give all the money to our charity Have A Heart)

Auction Lot 1Lot 1:Tom’s Life Size Cardboard Cut-Out Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars

This item was acquired by Tom as a keen, young cinema goer and very quickly became part of the family. As you can see he even gets involved in festive celebrations. The perfect addition to any Star Wars loving household.

Auction Lot 2

Lot 2: Lynsey’s Meowing Keyring

Amaze and intrigue your friends with this incredible feline keyring that not only makes a loud and convincing meow but also has light-up eyes for when you just can’t see the keyhole! Lyns is particularly gutted to be parting with this little treasure but knows it will bring much joy to whoever is lucky enough to buy it!

Auction Lot 3

Lot 3: Jack's Blue Wahoo Pants

They are second-hand blue, lemon and lime snug jockeys. What else is there to say? They would suit a larger frame and erm...they're clean. Apparently.