A Big Day Of Finals

Friday!!! The weekend has arrived and we all need a rest after all the excitement this morning!


Thank goodness for Friday. This morning was too much to handle!

First up, we had the finale of the Dallas, TEXAS competition. We've been playing throughout the week and today was the day that the prize will go to someone.

(By the way, i'm gonna let you in on a little secret....You know that clip that's played if the answer to the question was wrong....The "*whip* GO TO JAIL COWBOY"....That is the voice of Tony Shepherd from drive-time. He's so talented hahaha!! Don't tell him I told you that)

So, Bernie returned after getting the questions right on yesterday's show, so she was only 3 more questions away from winning the cowboy/cowgirl holiday for her and her family to Dallas, TEXAS all thanks to Smith and Western restaurants.

My heart was racing! The nerves running through Bernie was crazy and it was so emotional. If you missed it, have a listen to this.......amazing....

Smith & Western Competition Finale



But that wasn't the only final!

This morning was also the final round of this season of the Big Town Showdown.

We play it every morning, 10 general knowledge questions and you come on to play for the place where you live and love.

Chris in Copthorne was in the lead with a super quick time of 34.2 seconds. He's held that position for a while! But would Teresa come on and beat his time!?

.........well?..........did she?.................NOPE!

Chris in Copthorne is this seasons Big Town Showdown champion!!! 

Chris Big Town Champion

We threw so many prizes at him he didn't know what was happening! Including an overnight stay at Gatton Park hotel including use of the spa and 2 rounds of golf. Peronalised Easter eggs for the kids. His local pub will be throwing him a party as well as putting up a plaque in the pub in his honour! Amazing. Well done Chris!!

Have a great weekend!! Good luck to you if you're running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday!

See ya Monday!


Nic xx